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Jackie Leven & The Stornaway Girls: Greetings From Milford CD

2002 Live album featuring Kevin on guitar with Jackie Leven as one of The Stornaway Girls (with Dan Britton and Lee Allatson)


Multimorph: Meditation Chamber (2012), Cosmosis (2013), Live At The Pavillion (2011), Winter Solstice (2020), Alice (2010) & other releases

Leicester-based 'Prog Rock' band based around Maureen Anderson's poetry featuring Kevin on guitar


Quadelectronic: various

Kevin as part of experimental improv collective.

Various releases on Bandcamp, various clips on YouTube


Make by In Embrace.

1983 7-inch vinyl track.

Cover of Kevin Hewick song by In Embrace. B-side of their single 'The Living Daylights' (Glass Records).



Haystack by The Linger Effect.

2005 CD/download track.

Cover of Kevin Hewick song by The Linger Effect. On their 'Charmer' album.




1996 7-inch EP. SRS007.

On Sorted Records. Featured 'Drowned Dream Wreckage' by Kevin plus tracks by John Sims, Moon Equipped & Slinky.

Various exclusively free tracks inc: Balloon, Quarterhearted, Morphia: live 1980, Psychedelic Hairshirt and the entire DOOMCLOUD album (still available on this site)